Friday, 28 July 2017

My Best Learning

My Best Learning

This is my… free choice writing
  Horror writing      By  Keagan G
    As  I  went  thru the  woods  I  heard  someone  scream.  and a chan  sore  and  blood dripping  from  a  head  on a crooked  wall.  Suddenly  a  man with  a  chan sore  jumped  out of nowhere he was wearing  a  hockey  mask  and  suspenders  and  hunting  botes.  I  ran and ran.  in  corner of  eyu  i  could see  a  little  spy  i  ran into a damp  house and locked  the door I looked  everywhere  for  a  gun  or sword I  just  need  a  weapon i said. Ha  look it’s a  shotgun  sweat….   What  was  that  noise i said  it  sounds  like a chan sore  ono  they  are  here  kwik  load  the  shotgun  where  are the bullets  I  heard  them  crashing on the  door  when i  just loaded  the  gun  they came  crashing  through  the  door  and i fired  like  hell  bolites  were  going of  and  then  they weddle  went away back into the bark nice so i decided to follow them they  lead me to a dark kassel i heard lightning bolt hit a pile of  bricks and a chan sore motor and a hockey mask flyed out of the whole in pesas i peeped through the whole it was a dark wised shooting lightning bolts everywhere bang boom!!!!!!!!!!!!! kupoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#. I looked on the ground there was a wirres souled with the blade  of Hculus the great and powerful i picked it up and ran frue the hole in the whole and stabbed the wizard in the heart and he fell on his thet all of the hockey ding dongs turned into dust and blood away into the sky           

I am proud of this because… it is my best writing  

My biggest challenge was… the spelling AZ

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