Sunday, 11 September 2016

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                                                  lion and the slave

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Once upon a time there was a man his name was Maxamas he was taken prisoner enay way lets go to the story... there once was a man called Maxamas he was a man that loved animals but he only saw misuse because he was a slave the king was so greedy that if one person ascent to have a brace he wold cut there heads of when he was only joking. But one day he escaped and the king men tried to hunt Maxamas down then it started to rain. there was a cave he cheket if some one was there no one was home so he stayed there the night in the morning a lion was looking at him he said stand back with a stick but the lion sat down with Maxamas then the king's nits found them the king made the lion and Maxamas fight but they dident instead they stained next to each author shoeing the crewed that they will not fight the king stranded up and said you are free and you can see.