Thursday, 26 October 2017

new boat


                            my new boat

Thursday, 21 September 2017

calendar art - beast mode

Is it amazing? Is it good? Yes it is  the best and it is here for only 900$. The artist is called Keagan Gradwell. He makes a lot of art but this is his beast mode.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

minecraft club

the minecraft club is on 2 days a week and the leaders are Tristen Keagan Bradley if you do not have minecraft we can get it for you  we have challenges and batlle but if you do not want to to a batlle or a challenge you do not have to.

Friday, 28 July 2017

kapa haka

I really liked your performance it was impressive. The haka was my favourite. I liked Moana too. When i grow up I want to be like you I liked when you did a dab at the start of Pasifica. I wanted to say thank you for performing to are school i really enjoyed it.    

home learning

Keagan - home learning

  The day my computer took over
The day my computer took over. was when it was my birthday. when my nana got me a computer. that was one of the best days of my life But at the same I didn't get off it.  All I was doing on it Was watching YouTube and playing games It was so cool. Until it ran out of battery. So I went to put it on charge. but I lost the charger ono!

                                     Maths =Keagan

My brother is           71 cm

My mum is                1 meters and 66 cm

My dad is                  1 meter and 70cm

Keagan is                 1 meter and 29 cm

My dad is the biggest and my mum is second biggest then i am the laggiest and my brother is the smallest  

29 +70+66+71=236      All togeth

feathers and flight

my weekend off school

on my holiday of school. i missed Poiret day but i had so much fun of school. but i wonted to be at Poiret but i had a Bee sting.!!! so i Manley played on my iPad i played mine craft Mosley but it was portent that i had fun and got beater and came back to school my mum gave me some tablets so that is why i am at school right now.  i got stang on the feald at lunch time but the bad news was that i am allergic . but this is not the first time that i have got a Bee sting!!!