Friday, 28 July 2017

home learning

Keagan - home learning

  The day my computer took over
The day my computer took over. was when it was my birthday. when my nana got me a computer. that was one of the best days of my life But at the same I didn't get off it.  All I was doing on it Was watching YouTube and playing games It was so cool. Until it ran out of battery. So I went to put it on charge. but I lost the charger ono!

                                     Maths =Keagan

My brother is           71 cm

My mum is                1 meters and 66 cm

My dad is                  1 meter and 70cm

Keagan is                 1 meter and 29 cm

My dad is the biggest and my mum is second biggest then i am the laggiest and my brother is the smallest  

29 +70+66+71=236      All togeth

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