Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Fennec fox

This is a report I wrote about the animal- The fennec fox. It is an endangered animal.
              Fennec fox

Fennec Foxes have a large nose and large ears
They have white and brown fur. They have big teeth

The fennec fox eats eggs, birds and insects. It also eats small mammals.

The fennec fox is very cute and cuddly but they are good hunters. When they see food they will get it.

They live in North Africa and Europe. They live in the forest and they love sitting on rocks and sunbathing.

Learning blog post: Perimeter

The perimeter of a shape is the distance around the outside of the shape. I learned this at a workshop.

Learning blog post: Reading

This is a reading task that I have done.

WALT summarise

My Underwater Animal: the black-tip

Paste in a picture. Then write in 5 facts about your animal in 5 different text boxes round in the animal..

They have a black-spot on their tail and fine

The Black-tip shark is an underwater killer who eats anything and kills anything. They are pack hunters.

Image result for shark

The black-tip shark
Rotates its body they do this when they are hunting!!!

It eats meat so it is a cannibal

It is a black -tip shark!!!!!!!

They live in shallow water on the surfaces.