Monday, 4 April 2016

iProud 1

My Best Learning

This is my…camp letter  

Rebecca Pope

Dear Rebecca

Thank you for coming to camp and helping us with lots of Activities ( Like making boots ).
Don’t  tell the teachers and parents But I bet you are the best Parent Because You
are Very Nice And kind.

I loved the Dessert i had banana split with Chocolate Chip. Well it was cooking I felt
Excited.By the time It was Finished I opend It up And all I saw Was a Mese for Dinner we had Burgers. I was Surprised that we got to Make a Own Burger

my Favorite part was Making boats my boat was the best Boat in the Group .
The Only thing that wasn't cool was stepping in cow poo !!!!!!!!!!!:-(
ye I no cow poo!!!!!!!!!.

Do you remember that spooky Bridge.
I felt Like i was going to fool strat thro it and turn into a Pancake.
That Bridge Weird me.

I am proud of this because… I did a lot of work on it  

My biggest challenge was… the spelling